A Violent World Creates A Violent Hero!
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Demon Rising
A violent world creates a violent hero.

Sebastian Wallace had big dreams. More importantly, he was in love with Jennifer Addleson. Phil Williams, conversely, lived big dreams and he had loved...and lost! One moment changed both men.

The city of Denver perched against the majestic Rocky Mountains was known for its incredible sunshine and welcoming communities,but that was before “The Envoy.” Detectives Frank Gaskell and Ann Barrett are assigned the impossible task of finding and stopping The Envoy. Their lives are complicated by politicians, lawyers, judges, organized criminals and....The Black Lotus, a mysterious vigilante, who's on a quest to right the city of evil. The Envoy is on his own quest to control the city. Can Denver survive
Why We Wrote: Volume 3

(Author Note: I have an essay in this anthology.)

This is the world's first representative survey of what makes Main Street writers tick. As in: really tick.

A thousand authors answered four simple questions:

*Why did you write?
*How did it change your life?
*How did it change the life of others?
*What about people who can't read?

In four volumes of this book, regular folks who over the years joined almost fifty thousand other PublishAmerica writers to become a published author, open a thousand windows into their minds and hearts.

Together they issue a uniquely inspiring message of dreams, drive, and determination.

Over the span of only one decade, PublishAmerica's authors have touched a million lives, and then some. They are the ABC's most effective advocates. What they're saying is that America's Main Street readers and writers can, and do, change a world.

The Crystal War Saga: Part 1 - Betrayal

Worlds Competing for Resources

In the early twenty-first century, the Orion Program was cancelled and NASA was disbanded in favor of SUN: a new international space exploration organization whose goal is to colonize Mars. They created a new space-worthy craft and a team of three astronauts became the first humans walk on the surface of the planet. During their exploration, they discovered a mysterious pink crystal with “unlimited” energy potential.

When every country switched from natural resources to the mysterious Martian crystals, Earth was transformed in a new era of economic prosperity and technological advancement. However, when it was discovered that the Martian crystals only contained a limited amount of energy, Earth sent space explorers to the deepest uncharted regions of space in search of more crystals.

In their search, they discovered a humanoid race that was also in need of new sources of energy. A dispute over the crystals led to violence. The violence led to WAR!

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