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Welcome to the official website of Harvey W. McCarthy.

(Yes, this site is under construction. Once I settle on a true design, it will be a little "flashier."

Black Lotus' Friends

These pictures are members of my Hall of Fame. I call them the "Friends of the Black Lotus." Without the support of people who want to read your work,  you can never progress as an author.

#1 Troy

This is the very first copy sold. Sorry ladies, he's taken.
#2 Steve

Second copy sold!
#3 David L.

My umpiring partner. Proud owner of the third copy.
(Took awhile, but here he is. He seems happy after finishing working a 22-4 game.)
#4 Tracy

My boss modeling her copy.

   #5 Charles

My co-worker Charles. A USAF Veteran and the world's most dedicated Los Angeles Lakers fan.
   #6 Justin

Kyoshi Shihan Justin Butler. A seventh degree black belt. One of the inspirations for my shotokan karate instructors featured in Demon Rising. First hardcover copy.
   #7 Molly

My oldest step-daughter.
   #8 Paula

One of the regulars where I work. She and her husband (Bill) have been coming to the center since the first day. She is our resident fitness competition queen.
   #9 Robert & Joan

Two more loyal regulars where I work.
   #10 Dawn & Mark

Another couple of friends supporting my dream.
   #11 John C.
Another legendary member of the City of Denver Parks and Recreation Department.

Update: I was informed that John has finished the book and he is looking forward to the second volume.
   #12 & #13 Mike B.
A fellow UNB Alum. He needed two copies: One to display in his office and another to read. I've been getting positive reviews from him.
   #14 Mike S.
Sensei Michael Sullivan. He is a Sandan (third degree) black belt. He also helped to inspire the karate instructors in my first novel.
   #15 Maxwell
Another loyal member of my job. He is holding the second hardcover copy sold. 
  #16 David H.
A friend from high school. He actually purchased another copy for another friend from high school for the holidays.

He says, "Just finished it. Can't wait for the next one." 
   #17 Tracey.
My first sale outside out of North America. This one went down under.

First international sale: Australia.
   #18 Eloy
A long time regular at work.
   #19 Pastor Pam
A long-time friend of work. Her church has been hosting bible study at my work for the last five years.
   #20 The Legendary "Bobert"
A fellow GVR Alum. We opened the building together in 2004.
Why Bobert you ask? Well, you can call him Rob and you can call him Bob. You can call him Robby and you can call him Bobby. As his name states, you can call him Robert, so why not Bobert? He says, "You are the only person on the planet who can call me Bobert."
   #21 Bridget
A fellow GVR Alum. She picked up her copy during my most recent book signing.
   #22 Cliffy
A long-time friend from the great state of Georgia. He shows that my writing is great along with some sun and a frosty beverage.
   #23 Bill
A  very long-time friend from the U.K. I didn't even know that he knew that I had written a book because he travels so much. Not only does have have a great taste in authors, but he also has a great ear for music..

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