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Thank you for visiting. If you already know who I am, "HI!" If you are wondering, why Harvey McCarthy has a website, then "Welcome to my world!"

I am an author. My first novel, which I have described as a detective story meets the super-hero world, is called Demon Rising: The Black Lotus Chronicles - Volume 1 ( PublishAmerica.com, ISBN: 978-7-61582-718-3) The story is set in Denver, Colorado. It follows the life of a masked vigilante called "The Black Lotus" (pictured left) as he is on a quest to rid the city of a pyscho-pathic killer known as "The Envoy." However, two Denver Police Detectives, Frank Gaskell and Ann Barrett are also trying to discover the indentity of the Envoy while having to cope with a vigilante in their city. Can Denver survive?

My current novel, Blood Reign, has been described, by readers as "Salem's Lot meets The Da Vinci Code." 


The never-ending war between good and evil rages!
When the breathtakingly beautiful Mikhaeli Lanaova wanted a better life, she never imagined that it would be at the expense of countless lives. Cristof Blutherz, a man of the cloth, wanted to change a corrupt world and that same corruption changed his life forever.
Born out of distain and evil, the Order of Twelve, the original vampires, were cursed to walk the earth forever. They were the scourge of humanity until the Council of the Light, a secret holy army, vowed to rid the world of their evil presence.
Centuries later, Council of the Light warriors, led by Christopher Bloodheart, battle an evil and seductive vampire queen as she attempts to obtain mysterious vampire tomes. Within these tomes are the secrets to becoming a more powerful vampire. Her quest hides a secret nefarious plot which could destroy the Council of the Light. 


Current news:

* For those who have asked,
Darkness Falls (working title), the second volume in the Black Lotus Chronicles, should be finished by early 2013. 

Blood Reign is NOW available on the Kindle and the Nook.
* My latest book,
Blood Reign (ISBN: 9781462670796), is available now in hardcover. It is currently available online through PublishAmerica, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.co.uk. E-book format coming soon!

* Both Demon Rising and The Crystal War Saga are available on the Nook from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com on the Kindle.

* My third novel, a vampire story, titled Blood Reign  is nearly finished. I am currently searching for an agent to help submit this book to publishing companies.

*   I have created my official facebook page. Click the facebook symbol on the left to join.
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